Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Ever wonder what a CPA does post tax season?

Well this year's tax season deadline has come and gone.  So what does a CPA or accountant do once tax season is over?  This is a common question this time of year or when people hear what I do for a living.  Just the other day I was at the bank and thinking about writing this very topic. While the teller was taking care of my transaction she asked me this very question.  I generally have noticed that the question comes from non-business owners.  So to me it made perfect sense for me to let everyone know the services a CPA offers and what they do post tax season.

The first thing that is done post tax season is to rest.  During tax season the hours are very long due to the deadlines and amount of year end work for the tax filing season.  You take all that plus the typical services that are offered throughout the year being done for the current year and that is what makes tax season so busy.  So because of this it is quite common for a CPA to take off a few days for some rest and relaxation.  Everyone needs this after 6-7 days a week work weeks.

The reason for the question being mostly non-business owners is the fact that business owners are typically in contact with their CPA throughout the year for their accounting/bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, tax planning, and business needs so they definitely know that there is life post tax season for a CPA. The business owners also know that more than just tax returns are done and that their CPA is one of their trusted financial advisers.

Due to various life reasons and situations there are individuals & businesses both that have unfiled tax returns.  Post tax season is a good time to get those prior year returns that have not been filed caught up.  Also, the IRS and state agencies send out notices all the time due to various reasons such as forgetting to sign a return, not filing a return, under reporting income, random audits, etc.  These notices need to be addressed and sometimes they can be intimidating to taxpayers so professional help is needed.

Hopefully this article has helped you realize all that a CPA does throughout the year and that there is plenty to do post tax season.  If you know an individual or business owner that needs services from a CPA, please have them contact us and we would be happy to help them out tax season and post tax season.


  1. Absolutely Rest! No doubt you deserve it after this tax season!

  2. Accountants can expect to take only so much strain when putting in seemingly endless hours during busy season. We believe in maintaining work-life balance inside of tax season. Post-tax season work load is 37.5 hours per week.
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